Regulations stipulate that crypto companies are required to verify the identities of their clients, conduct client research and monitor transactions for suspicious activity. For this reason, SATOS asks its customers to upload a copy of their ID. We do this not only because it is in the rules, but mainly to protect the image of cryptocurrency and to combat fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.


All existing and new customers must provide a current copy ID from May 18, 2020.

Privacy declaration

The law requires us to check your personal data and store it securely. In our privacy statement, we explain how we handle your personal data: which ones we collect and what we use them for. We also explain how you can view, change or delete your data. We think it is important that you are well informed about this and recommend that you read this statement carefully.

When submitting your ID, pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure all corners of the document are clearly visible.

  • Make sure the document is valid.

  • It is allowed to shield your BSN number.

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