Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to return your order at the same price. Instead of hiding behind our terms and conditions, we will try to explain why this is the case in this article. Of course, we hope that clarity and transparency will provide more understanding so that we can work it out. We are very happy with you as a customer and are happy to think along with you.

Crypto is volatile

When you send us either euros or crypto to us, our automated systems convert these euro's or crypto's immediately. As you probably know, the price of cryptocurrency is sometimes very volatile. By converting incoming orders directly, we ensure that both our customers and SATOS never run a price risk. 📉

In short: we already have your order standing ready for you 😅

For this reason, we have clearly stated in our terms and conditions that it is expensive to cancel an order afterward. You should come across this when placing an order.

Would you rather have your money back?

Send an email to compliance@satos.eu from the email address used during the order and state:

  • Your order number;
  • The reason why you want to cancel the transaction;
  • The wallet address where you want to receive the crypto in return (only in the case of a sales order).
  • Confirmation that you have read and accepted these cancellation terms.

Take into account:

  • The transaction must be converted again. The course deviates as a result. This is done when the finance department takes up the request. This is usually within one working day.
  • Due to bank processing times, it can sometimes take 3-5 working days before the return payment is credited to your account;
  • As mentioned in our terms and conditions. In the case of fraud or misuse of our platform SATOS reserves the right withhold an amount charge a fee for each return payment.
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