That is a good question! We would have preferred to see it differently, but due to laws and regulations, we are simply obliged to apply a number of verification measures. This has everything to do with the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies and the resulting risk of money laundering and terrorist financing is the government's reasoning. Privacy is our top priority, but we cannot ignore the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, there are still many scammers active within the crypto market, who we can make it a bit more difficult thanks to the mandatory verification.

Unfortunately, we cannot always share with you when you will be subjected to which verification method. This could lead to scammers trying to circumvent the limits or triggers we set. As a rule of thumb, you can maintain that the greater the risk of damage and fraud, the more certainty we need to have that you are who you say you are. The larger the transactions you make via SATOS, the better we have to check that everything is in order. In this way, we try to protect not only ourselves but also our customers and the image of cryptocurrencies in general.

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