Starting May 21, 2020, new regulations (AMLD5 / WWFT) will apply to crypto companies in the Netherlands. During a presentation by DNB (De Nederlandse Bank), crypto providers were clearly told that a copy of an identity card is not sufficient as it is easy to forge. By asking our customers for a wallet verification, we comply with the above-mentioned regulations and stricter verification requirements of the DNB.

We understand that our request for wallet verification may come out of the blue if you were not aware of the above developments. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us through the live chat or the contact form.


The verification takes place when a purchase is placed with an address that has not been used in previous purchases or sells at SATOS .


  • Take a screenshot of your screen on your phone or computer;

  • Keep in mind that it should clearly show the wallet or exchange;

  • The screenshot should be taken of the whole screen. (you may exclude the taskbar and tabs due to privacy.);

  • Screenshots of block explorers are not allowed.

Tip: Try to reuse wallet addresses as much as possible to avoid future verification steps.

Made your screenshot?

You can safely upload your screenshot on the personal transaction page. Once we have received the screenshot we will assess it and save it in our encrypted systems. Once this address has been verified, orders sent from this address will be put through automatically.

Privacy statement

The law requires us to check your personal data and store it securely in our systems. In our privacy statement, we explain how we handle your personal data: what we collect and what we use them for. We also explain how you can view, change or delete your data. We think it is important that you are well informed about this and recommend that you read this statement carefully.

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