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Why do I need to verify myself?
Why do I need to verify myself?
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Based on Dutch legal obligations arising from the AMLD (Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and SW (Sanctions Act), we are mandated to prevent and combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The law imposes obligations on various sectors, including financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, trust offices, and professionals like notaries, accountants, and real estate agents.

The Wwft requires us to conduct customer due diligence to establish your identity and monitor and report unusual transactions. The goal is to detect and prevent suspicious financial activities, ensuring that the financial system is not exploited for criminal purposes such as money laundering or terrorism financing.

FYI: We do not suspect you of anything

It is important to emphasise that we do not suspect you of anything and that this is a standard procedure and not directed to you specifically. Enhanced verifications, handing in a PoW and PoR, are conducted randomly.

We take your privacy very seriously and do not treat you differently from other customers. If you need help throughout the verifications, please get in touch with the team at for any questions.

Access to iDEAL and SEPA payments for purchasing crypto

Thanks to your verification, we can ensure the protection of the crypto ecosystem. It also allows you to make purchases using iDEAL and SEPA. You can purchase crypto through SATOS without any extra fees or commissions.

Can I cancel my verification or go back to level 1?

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that we cannot cancel the verification process and revert your account to Lv.1. Just to make sure, Lv.1 and Lv.2 are no longer separate verification procedures. This means that once verified, your account will have access to Lv.2 services on Bybit.

All the information you provide will be treated with confidentiality and used solely for compliance with regulatory requirements.

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