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My payment hasn't been received, what now?
My payment hasn't been received, what now?
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If you placed an order on and it hasn't arrived immediately, it means that there was something wrong with the transaction. But no worries, as long as you have filled in our bank account correctly, it will be safe in our account and we will process or refund it as soon as we can.

What went wrong?

There are several reasons why your payment is not received instantly, but there are two main reasons.

You placed an order with a bank account that does not match your KYC name.

It is not allowed to place orders with bank accounts that are not in your name. Thus, the payment will not go through if you deposit on an account that Satoshi Nakamoto owns, but Shiba Inu owns the bank account. Instead, it will be refunded. This applies for SEPA and iDEAL.

Note: Our team will have to connect the payment manually if you have a middle name that is not fully spelt out on your bank account but is on KYC or vice versa. No worries, this only has to be done once. After that, it will arrive immediately.

Wrong SEPA references

If you place a SEPA order, fill in the wrong reference/ID, or add anything other than the digits, your payment will not go through. Instead, the fiat team of Bybit must manually connect the payment to your account. If they cannot connect it to your account, they will refund the payment to the bank account (max. five business days).

Where can I find the deposit?

Open the Bybit app or website. Then, head for your assets and select the Funding wallet/assets. Switch to the Fiat tab and your deposit should be there?

What if it is still not there?

If you haven't received your payment after 2-3 business days, you can contact us using the contact form with the following details:

  • Bybit UID (7-digit or more code)

  • Full name

  • Bybit payment reference/ID

  • A bank statement

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